Fr.Sean Nugent

 – An Inspirational Leader

By any yardstick 1960 was an eventful year in the history of the Shamrocks.

That was the year Tipperary born Fr.Sean Nugent came to Glendine as curate, his very first posting on Irish soil after a three and a half year stint in the North East of England in Middleborough.

Fr.Sean, as he became affectionately known to one and all, was to spend seven very happy and fruitful years in the area, all of them devoted not just to the Christian needs of his flock but in equalmeasure to the demands of the local G.A.A club.

Born in Newcastle over the border in South Tipperary, Fr.Nugent received his early education at the local national national school in Newcastle before moving on to the secondary school at Mount Mellary (no longer in existence) from 1945 to 1949 when he moved to St.Johns College in Waterford to prepare for the priesthood.

Ordination day came in June 1956 followed by his posting to Middlesborough for three and a half years before his first station in the Waterford and Lismore diocese in Glendine.It was the beginning of seven blissfully happy and sucsussful years for Fr.Sean and for the entire community.

From day one, literally, he became intrinsically involved in the day do day life for the locality, well recalling his time canvassing the locals to take the electricity supply form from the then fledging ESB.