K.G.K. Community Hall

An open meeting was held in 2003 to discuss the feasibility of building a Sports Hall for the Parish. A need was identified as there was no venue in the Parish where people could come together for any type of activities. At that time the school had received a devolved grant from the Government but there was not enough money for a school sports hall.

A Committee was elected and mandated to plan and build a Hall for the people of the Parish and it was to be owned by the people of the Parish. The Chairman of the Committee was Mike O’ Neill.

The Committee consisted of 30 people who were divided into various sub committees according to their skills, these included , a finance committee, a business committee, a building committee, a planning committee a pr committee and an executive committee.

The big breakthrough was when the Bishop , Dr. Lee granted the Committee the site free of charge, it was adjoining the school and the plan was the Hall would be used by the School during school hours and by the Community after school. Father Fitzgerald P.P.was very supportive of the Committee and this led in no small way to the Bishop entrusting the site to the Group.

This was an endeavour that the Parish took to heart, people came along and donated money towards the Hall, others offered machinery to prepare sites etc, others ran fundraisers, all in all a huge Community drive took place for the next five years and the Official opening was in 2009 when the Hall was ready for use as a Sports Hall debt free.

At that stage a group of people approached the Committee seeking support to add a stage, curtains, lighting and accoustics. Funding was sourced from Leader and a loan was sought for the shortfall. This was the add on that was needed we now had a Sports Hall and a state of the art stage , lighting etc which added to the uses of the hall.

At this stage the Hall is in full time use, it is used daily by the School and after school hours open to the Community for various purposes, meetings are held, indoor soccer, GAA training, set dancing, all kinds of Cultural activities. A special request by the Bishop was that the Hall would be available for use at funerals, and of course it is also used for tea after holy communions and Confirmation.

We now have in the Parish a hub where people can come together in a safe and comfortable environment and partake in a myriad of activities be they Sporting activities, cultural, drama, meetings, coffee mornings, fundraisers etc.


The Hall is run by a Committee and an open A.G.M. is held annually.
Chairman: James Tobin
Vice Chairman: Billy Cantillon.
Secretary: Mary Herlihy.
Treasurer: Tony O’Brien.
P.R.O.: Eileen Mc Carthy Thompson.
Committee: Father Condon P.P., Mike O’ Neill, Kieran Ahearne, Kevin Crawford, Martin O’ Keeffe, John Baldwin, Jim Nicholson, Eamonn Lonergan, Will Motherway, Tomas Roche, Aine Tobin, Bridget Hunt, Ber O’ Farrell, Ann O’ Keeffe, Mary Tobin.

Booking number : 087 9675399